Touch it and Keyboard woes with Air for Android

I have been checking the comments that are being left on the Android market place and I’m seeing a lot of you cant seem to type your names? This isn’t due to spontaneous bouts of dyslexia but more due to either not being able to click into the box or the Android virtual keyboard not showing.

This had been a problem for me over 2 consecutive releases of Touch It and it was only last night that I managed to sort the problem. No one on the internet seemed to have anything to say about it so I figure I will post this here.

If you have having trouble with text input on Flash or Air for Android then it is probably because you are using TLF Text.

Yup.. that simple. I swapped the input boxes for Classic text and everything seemed to run perfectly. Go figure! Well after I had everything running again (tested on HTC Desire, Android Emulator and Galaxy Tab) I decided to give the graphics on the market place an update.

The current graphics were really old, from the first version in fact. I have now submitted my new graphics and I’m just waiting for it all to go through before they show up live. Let me know if you start seeing them 😉


If you havn’t downloaded Touch It yet then head on over to the market place and let me know what you think. Touch It

Touch It 1.3.9

We have just released Touch It v1.3.9!!

Nothing major in this release folks, just some general tidying up on our end, cleaning out the comments and speeding things up a little more. We did fix a few random bugs and remembered to increase the version number this time though.

We have been working on the back end a lot this weekend as we are planning on a new game mode for people who don’t want to play Timeattack or Survival modes. We have been toying around with a ‘Lights Out’ clone. Work is coming along nicely and we expect it to be ready next week with about 20 levels.

If you have any ideas for new features then as always let us know if the comments and we can definitely see about putting them in 😀