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  • Tan

    Hey Aaron !
    Just noted you requested some wallpapers from my Hdr skies video ? You can now get them at πŸ™‚

    • Hiya Tan,
      That’s great I am just on your site looking at them now πŸ˜‰ There are some really nice shots here, you should try setting up one of those online shops that will sell the prints. They would look amazing on canvas

  • digitalanarchist

    Thanks for the twitter follow. Digital Anarchist

  • Bob

    Load ur page in IE with JS errors displaying. You have a number of them.

  • Suarez

    I try to add the code of this page

    The code is:

    but i get this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’

    So what code i need to put to get it working? and where? before , into header, before header…


  • ponytailgirl

    just to let you know, my server wont give me access to .htaccess, nor do they provide PHP. (lousy).
    so what to do about

    “Fix Bad value X-UA-Compatible”

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