Adobe AIR for Android updated to 2.6

has just released an update for its Adobe runtime for bringing it to version 2.6. The update adds support for 3.0 Gingerbread, meaning on tablets like the Motorola Xoom is a go, plus a series of performance improvements.

Highlights include up to 20% faster scrolling, H.264 video decoding at 30FPS, and GPU-accelerated animation or gaming at up to 50FPS. Greater gesture support has also been rolled in, plus Bitmap Capture for StageWebView for tighter HTML and Flash visual integration, and Asynchronous Bitmap Decoding, for improved image transitions.

The AIR 2.6 SDK is also on target for a H2 2011 release, but apps developed with the 2.5 SDK will of course run fine with the AIR 2.6 runtime.

Overall, not a bad and timely update, bringing AIR support to the incoming Honeycomb tablets. If you haven’t installed AIR on your Android device yet, considering there are loads of Android apps that require AIR to run, perhaps now is the time to see what it can offer you. A list of Android devices that support the requirements of AIR can be found here.

via Adobe AIR for Android updated to 2.6 supporting tablets.

I have updated on my HTC Desire and I have noticed that is running even more slowly? Seems weird that with all the speed improvements to rendering that would slow down. I will have a dig into it and post your results.

  • Yeah looks to be same on myna, we will have to look at the new changes and figure out what causes the problem/

  • Is Air for Android 2.7 out yet?