Brand Spankin’ New

Hey everyone! Yep that’s right ValidateThis is now officially open. I’m Andrew Beniston and my collaborator Aaron Layton (actually my brother) together we are working towards stardom! Not really just to be known by the online community.

We have many on going projects that will be spoken of through out our blog but our first priority is our flash application ‘Touch It’ which was built for the android market, though if we wish to expand further we will. While ‘Touch It’ is ever growing we are also working on our native android application ‘Touch It 2’. To start our new website off we are giving you the reader the chance to tell us what features you would like in ‘Ti2’.

If you would like to view ‘Touch It’ and support us with a quick download on your android phone then be sure to click this link Touch It 😉

So if you would like to share your views on Touch It 2 and what features it should have be sure to write a comment. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!