Perfect Cookie Law Solution

A colleague (Matt Juffs) sent me a link this morning to an awesome weekend project by the guys over at Smore. They have re-created Clippy (and his friends) in Javascript and he is ready to be used in any of your future projects.

They have spent a lot of time on this as each of the characters has a full list of their animations and you can even make them speak.


We got talking about how annoying Clippy used to be and then (Trevor D-Thorpe) suggested that Clippy could be used for Cookie Control.

That’s where I came in with a quick page mockup. Take a look at the example but please note this does nothing but annoys the end user (no cookies are controlled).

Clippy Cookie

This is exactly what the web has come to with the new EU Law, forcing annoying popups and/or notifications regarding privacy. Surely there should be a better way?
What are your thoughts on the new law? I agree that there should be some control of our data, but I don’t agree that all site operators should be forced to put something on their site. What solutions has everyone else started using, is there a really good universal one? or are you rolling your own? Let me know in the comments.