Touch it 1 World Plays

I decided to take a night off coding Touch It 2 tonight and instead I tried to experiment with some of the data collected with Touch It 1.

I decided it would be good to visualize where all the players are coming from as this may help when making Touch It 2.

I wanted to be able to see the plays being added to a drawing in realtime so I had a quick search around the net and came across this script.


Heatmap.js was exactly what I was looking for, it even provided a nice way to draw at certain x y locations. After I had got a quick test knocked together the rest just fell into place.

I used PHP+MySQL to generate a Javascript array which I then looped through with a delay so I could see each dot being added. The end animation is quite good even if I do say so.

I didn’t spend much time trying to tweak the results as I feel the saved PNG shows me what I wanted to know.

Touch It World Plays

That’s it really nothing else special about it… Just a heatmap, move along, nothing more to see here…..

Touch It 1.3.9

We have just released Touch It v1.3.9!!

Nothing major in this release folks, just some general tidying up on our end, cleaning out the comments and speeding things up a little more. We did fix a few random bugs and remembered to increase the version number this time though.

We have been working on the back end a lot this weekend as we are planning on a new game mode for people who don’t want to play Timeattack or Survival modes. We have been toying around with a ‘Lights Out’ clone. Work is coming along nicely and we expect it to be ready next week with about 20 levels.

If you have any ideas for new features then as always let us know if the comments and we can definitely see about putting them in 😀

Brand Spankin’ New

Hey everyone! Yep that’s right ValidateThis is now officially open. I’m Andrew Beniston and my collaborator Aaron Layton (actually my brother) together we are working towards stardom! Not really just to be known by the online community.

We have many on going projects that will be spoken of through out our blog but our first priority is our flash application ‘Touch It’ which was built for the android market, though if we wish to expand further we will. While ‘Touch It’ is ever growing we are also working on our native android application ‘Touch It 2’. To start our new website off we are giving you the reader the chance to tell us what features you would like in ‘Ti2’.

If you would like to view ‘Touch It’ and support us with a quick download on your android phone then be sure to click this link Touch It 😉

So if you would like to share your views on Touch It 2 and what features it should have be sure to write a comment. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!