Web Labs

I have this obsession with doing little experiments online using any techniques I can get my hands on!

These experiments usually are just for my benefit and sometimes they get shared with everyone else. I would love to see some other peoples playground folders, do you have one? Do you know anyone else who has one?

Do you have a /Labs – /Playground – /Experiments or /Tests folder that stores your creativeness online? Let me know

Leave a comment below with the URL to any that you know off, lets see how many we can collect up. Tweet this page around so more people get to see it 😉

Here are some to start us off

  • Molly

    The point of my /sandbox is to NOT share what’s in there! Otherwise, I’d do it in pubilc via blog or Git or somesuch.

    In all seriousness, that’s where I go to make the mistakes I don’t want anyone to see 😉  But it is in fact a very important part of process and I encourage all devs/designers to play in their /sandbox as often as possible! 🙂

    • That’s understandable, I think that way aswell, there are plenty of failed projects in mine 😉

      A place to make mistakes and to learn for sure, sometimes its good to see other peoples mistakes/sandbox <– not even thought of that one

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  • webomnizz

    recently don’t have any large project or snippets yet but here is a link you found some experiments on my blog : http://webomnizz.com/blog

    i am continuously working on new experiments on different technology hope you guys like this.