HTML5 Boilerplate updates and the build script

Woah, the HTML5 Boilerplate has been updated already and its just got a whole lot more Awesome-er!!

is brought to us by Paul Irish, Divya Manian, Sichuan and many other people in the open-source community. It has many features and snippets of code that I use myself every time I start a new website so this tool is invaluable to me. If you havn’t checked it out yet then go and have a look at

The reason H5BP has just got a whole lot better is because of this

The Boilerplate build script is ready for prime time. You know all those site optimization tricks that Steve Souders tells you is a good idea? You’re four keystrokes away from nailing a 100% on them. Now you can:

  • Combines and minifies javascript (via yui compressor)
  • Combines and minifies CSS
  • Optimizes JPGs and PNGs (with jpegtran & optipng), saving 15-50% of page weight
  • Removes development only code (any remaining console.log files, profiling, test suite)
  • Basic to aggressive html minification (via htmlcompressor)
  • Revises the file names of your assets so that you can use heavy caching (1 year expires) without cache conflicts.
  • Upgrades the .htaccess to use heavier caching
  • Updates your HTML to reference these new hyper-optimized CSS + JS files
  • Updates your HTML to use the minified jQuery instead of the development version
  • Remove unneeded references from HTML (like a root folder favicon)
  • build according to what environment you want: production, test or development

Together with the server configurations (like the .htaccess), we’ve seen reductions of total page weight from 120k to 30k. We guarantee A-level performance with YSlow and Google PageSpeed when using the build script along with the server configs. (Okay, maybe not “guarantee”, but your parents will be really proud of you. 🙂

So have any of you had a play around with this yet? What are your experiences with it?